Lone Star makes an impression on Stanford

Well okay, maybe it was the other way round….Stanford certainly made an impression on Lone Star… what a fantastic campus and really nice hockey coaching staff to boot. The weather was perfect, the water based astroturf was brand new (although Ken Cho’s “professional eye” was unhappy about the seams) and the hockey 6’s was a fun tournament to play in. Oh yeah and did I mention that the campus is not too shabby either!!

On the playing front our two teams did very well. The U14’s won their silver bracket final after a nerve racking 2-2 tie and then a “shuttles” shoot out. Having the youngest keeper at the tournament in Tati did not faze our intrepid heroes and she, of course, has the heart of a lion. The U16’s won two and lost two (both by 2-1) scoring 11 and conceding only 5. Indeed, the top team in their group who narrowly beat the U16’s 2-1 actually won their gold medal game and Adam declared himself “happy” which is not his most common emotional state so we will call that a “win” and move on.

For our first outing we did indeed make an impression, we were in two shuttle shoot outs in a row, Rory popped her knee and ended up in Stanford Hospital’s emergency room (it has valet parking outside don’t you know!) and Eliza pretty much poleaxed the opposition keeper with a missile to her right knee thereby assisting our winning of the first of those shootouts.

From the upgraded team bus (thanks Hertz) to the Omaha beach style planning from Una it was an excellent event that was well worth the trip. The Priya grin when she scored the equalizer in the semi-final, Daisy playing in her first ever tournament, Maddie, Emilia and Lily all slotting into the Lone Star teams and looking good in orange – what a great way to spend your weekend.  Click Here for Photos from Stanford.

See you all at practice.



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