Dallas Skills Clinic April 28th

We are looking forward to hosting our first Skills Clinic in Dallas next weekend on Saturday April 28th, 12pm – 2pm, on the turf field at Greenhill School, 4141 Spring Valley Rd, Addison, TX 75001.    Our intent is to organize players into two groups based on skill level (Intermediate & Advanced) and not strictly by age, which is part of the Lone Star Coaching Philosophy. That said, we anticipate that our Intermediate Group will be mainly Middle School Players (along with some experienced elementary players) and the Advanced Group will be mainly High School players (along with some experienced M.S. players).  Goal Keepers will join the Advanced Group.  This particular Skills Clinic is not geared towards beginners, but we will have a Youth Summer Camp the first week in June for grades 4 – 8 where beginners are very welcome.

1. Intermediate Group will focus on core turf skills, SOB (Stick on Ball) and situational awareness including how to channel attackers and make defending easy.
2. Advanced Group will focus on advanced shooting skills. Exploring the mystical art of “touch bang,” testing our Tomahawks, reverse upright shots and slice shots to name but a few, and introducing the drag flick.

At the conclusion of the Clinic (at 2pm) we will have a short meeting with Parents, Players & School Coaches where we will outline our plans for Dallas, under the leadership of Clarence Jennelle.  There will also be plenty of time for a Q&A.  We look forward to meeting as many of the First Class players as possible next weekend and we extend a warm welcome to all Dallas Field Hockey Players….we are all about Hockey and about helping ALL players improve their skills and have fun.   Advance registration is required to participate. We are charging just $10 for the Clinic as a contribution towards costs.  Payment can be made via PayPal during registration or cash payment can be brought to the clinic.