Spring Play Day

Spring Play Day, April 15th 2017

  • We are holding a Spring Play Day on Saturday April 15, 11am – 3pm at W.R.M.S.
  • 6-a-side (half-field) games for ALL age groups will take place from 11am – 1.30pm
  • 6-a-side = 5 Field Players + Goalie
  • 6-a-side games will be 20 mins long (no half time), all games will start and finish on an Air Horn
  • An 11-a-side (full-field) game will start at 1.30pm for our U16/U19’s V Adult Club Team
  • 11-a-side game will be two 25 min halves, with 5 min half time
  • Please be at field by 10.45am so we can organize the teams and get started on time.
  • Please note the color of your team and try to wear a t-shirt/pinnie and socks of that color (f you have them, if not don’t worry).
  • The Coaches listed for the junior teams will also play on their team to help with distribution of the ball.
  • Goal Keepers will rotate between teams.
  • Full FIH rules apply.
  • We will have some fun side competitions:
    • Timed Obstacle Course
    • Penalty Stroke competition (time permitting)
    • Shuttle (score from the 22m line) competition (time permitting)
  • Parents are welcome to stay and cheer on their kids/teams!
  • Everything will be finished by 3:00pm promptly.


Teams & Schedule