Lone Star Field Hockey News

A Sizzling Summer Camp

Four days of 95F+ is enough to test the resolve of any wanna-be field hockey players, but the girls and boys from Austin are made of sterner stuff and survived the Lone Star Summer Camp. Indeed it was the Irish and English coaches who appeared to suffer more in the heat than the Austinites ! In all 35 kids, with nearly 20 beginners had a great time on the high quality Turf field at WRMS, in the only “turf” camp on offer in Austin, and progress from day one to day four was unbelievable in some cases.

Thanks to Bret (our WRMS coach) and Una for organizing everything from tents for the shade to a constant supply of ice cold water and classic rock music – YMCA was a particular hit with the advanced girls group even getting Adam to show off his 1980’s disco moves.

A special note of thanks to US Field Hockey and Harrow again for providing all these free sticks that the beginners could use – without them we could not have had so many new players.  Click Here for more Photos from the Camp.

We now move to our Fall program, with registration now open and a plan to bring various age teams to some fall tournaments and to create a middle school side to play local middle school teams.


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