Adult Club Member Rules

The Lone Star adult club is all about growing the game in Texas and having fun while we do it. Our pickup game in Austin every Sunday is mixed gender but all of the players are reasonably experienced. We are also a mixed bag of many nationalities so some of the accents may be a bit strange !!
Unfortunately we cannot cater for beginner adults.
Here is what you need to bring if you want to play with us…
    – Your USAFH membership number (or better still, just register with Lone Star as your club so we can see you are insured)
    –  We strongly recommend shin pads and a mouth guard and of course a stick (we can provide spare sticks)
    –  A great attitude – we play “for the love of the game” and want to play with like-minded new friends
Remember to check out our meetup site to see where we are playing as we use two different locations depending on the weather (unlike the rest of the field hockey world we go indoors in the summer!).
We really look forward to meeting you.

Behavior expectations for Lone Star adult players:

 Many of our adult club members are experienced players, but there are a range of ages and abilities at our regular pick-up games. We are all competitive and love to play our best, but our primary goal is to have fun, be safe and continue to encourage the growth of field hockey in Central Texas. In short, we play for “the love of the game” and strive to create an environment where players will want to join us as often as they can.

In order to maintain a competitive, respectful and safe environment, we expect players to behave in a way that is safe and sportsmanlike. If someone observes unsafe or unsportsmanlike behavior, they should report it to Adam Falla (, Arif Mahmud ( or Sarah Overmyer ( after 24 hours (so they’ve had time to cool off) and within 1 week (so they don’t forget the details) of the incident.

If we deem the behavior to be inappropriate the process of addressing it is as follows:

  1. Official warning
    • After a committee of adult team members have discussed the player(s) and incident(s) at hand, the player(s) who have behaved in an unsafe or unsportsmanlike manner are given an official warning.
  2. Suspension
    • After a warning has been given, if the player(s) continues to display unacceptable behavior, they are suspended from team activities for one month.
  3. Expulsion
    • After a suspension, if the player(s) continue to behave in an unacceptable manner, they are expelled from the group.