Coaching Methodology

Lone Star’s Coaching methodology is highly skills-focused with an emphasis on teaching turf-based skills, given so much of Texas School Field Hockey is still played on Grass.  We coach using a progression methodology with each level building on the next.   Our focus is on “soft-skills” with an emphasis on First Touch & Stick On Ball (SOB), and is highly influenced by the European Approach to the sport.  We aim to develop strong core skills that will stay with a player for life as we truly believe that Hockey is a “Sport for Life”.  We structure our practice groups primarily by skill level rather than by age, with 4 primary skill level groups.  Mastery of specific skills at each level needs to be demonstrated before a player moves to the next level.  Our Methodology outlines the levels and required skills in a checklist format so players can monitor their own development.

Click Here for Lone Star Skill Levels & Progression Methodology