Equipment Guide

Choosing a Field Hockey Stick

The most important piece of equipment is the Field Hockey Stick.  Note : there are different sticks for Outdoor and Indoor Field Hockey and different sticks for Goalies and Outfield Players.  When choosing a stick the main consideration is Length.

It is Important to have the correct size stick to execute both basic and advanced skills. The length can be the difference maker in completing a pass, making a tackle, or making a mistake.  Typically, the stick should come up to the top of your hip bone.

Below are some basic height/size guidelines.

Height           Stick Length

4′ & Under          28″
4’1″ – 4’3″            30″
4’4″ – 4’6″            32″
4’7″ – 5′               34″
5’1″ – 5’3″            35-35.5″
5’4″-5’9″              36-36.5″
5’10” & Over       37-37.5″


Field Hockey sticks range in weight from 535 grams to 560 grams. The appropriate weight of the stick typically depends on personal preference, however there are advantages to both a lighter stick and a heavier stick
Light Weight (535g-545g) – A light stick allows for quick wrist movement making it easier to have a quick backswing and stick skills. It also helps with a flawless reception.
Heavy Weight (550g-560g) – A heavier stick can aid in adding more power to your hits and adds some durability.

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Where to buy your stick

Unfortunately in Austin the main Sports Stores do not carry field hockey equipment so your best bet is to purchase equipment online.  There are many online retailers and you can shop around for best value.  As a member of Lone Star Field Hockey Club you are also entitled to a discount from some of these online retailers.  (Discount codes will be provided to Club Members).

Click Here for list of Online Retailers

Other Equipment Needed

1. Mouthguard

2. Shin Guards – You need proper Field Hockey shin guards as they protect ankles and full shin.

3. Turf Shoes – There are field hockey specific turf shoes, but for the beginner player sneakers are fine.

Note : You do not need goggles.  These are a requirement for School hockey but are typically not worn by players of travel clubs as they are not allowed under FIH rules.