Fall Program

Lone Star Field Hockey’s Fall Program is available to U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19 girls and boys (Grades 1 – 12) in Austin, Dallas & San Antonio.

In addition we have recent started a new program in Oklahoma, across Tulsa and Oklahoma City available for U14, U16 and U19 (Grades 6 – 12).

Our Program caters to : 

  • Beginners in grades 1 – 8 (6-8 in OK)
  • Players who desire skills training to complement their school field hockey season 
  • Players interested in more competitive Travel Team Field Hockey and who aspire to play field hockey in college.

Most importantly we work on synthetic surface skills (on Turf in all cities) as this is the cornerstone of the modern game. AstroTurf has made the game much faster and more skills-based and historically Texan and Oklahoman players have been at a disadvantage due to lack of access to this playing surface.

Practice groups are organized based on skill / age level following our Coaching Methodology e.g. for the younger ages and beginner players we focus on the more basic skills, like the basics of passing and shooting the ball.  For the older or more experienced players, we work on more advanced skills like reverse shots, reverse sweeping, aerial passes, jab tackling etc.

The Skills and Drills we focus on are :

  • Ball Control and Dribbling Skills
  • Passing, Shooting and Attacking
  • Offense and Defense Drills and Tactics
  • Positional tactics, Peripheral Vision and working in triangles

The 2021 Fall Program runs from early September to mid November with weekly training sessions taking place on the weekends ensuring there is no conflict with school practices and games.

  • Austin : Sundays  |  9am – 1pm  (time dependent on age)
  • Dallas :  Saturdays  |  8:30 – 11:30am  (time dependent on age)
  • San Antonio: Sundays  |  9am – 11am
  • Oklahoma:  Sundays  |  Tulsa 1pm – 3pm, OKC 2pm – 4pm

The cost of the Fall Program varies based on age group, with additional fees for those participating on Travel Teams or Leagues.  Players are welcome to attend extra or make-up practices in all other locations at no additional cost. 

In Fall 2021, Lone Star Austin will once again participate in the Central Texas Middle School League for grades 6 – 8, with games played against the two middle school teams in Austin (St. Stephen’s and St. Andrews) and San Antonio’s St. Mary’s Hall. Kids who do not attend these schools will be able to play on our club Middle School team and participate in additional mid-week practices and league games over the season.  Players must have played at least one season with Lone Star (or other club/school) to be eligible to play on the Lone Star Middle School Team.  

Our U12, U14, U16 & U19 Travel Teams will participate in the National Hockey Festival in Tampa, Florida.