Elizabeth Sturley makes Amherst College Field Hockey Team

Sept 10, 2016 : We want to congratulate Elizabeth Sturley for getting selected to the Field Hockey Team at Amherst College in MA.  Elizabeth played Field Hockey for 4 years for St. Stephens and graduated this past May.  She knew that playing Field Hockey in college would be a challenge with her lack of playing experience on Turf, but her love for the game prompted her to work hard over the Spring and Summer with Lone Star FH to build her skills and playing experience on Turf.  Elizabeth bravely tried out at the end of August as a walk-on player at Amherst College and we are just thrilled that all her hard work has paid off and she has been selected to play on the team. Good luck this season Elizabeth, we will be cheering you on!!

Traditionally girls from St. Stephens have not gone on to play field hockey in college as they have not had the opportunity to learn the skills that are required to play on Turf, which is the only surface that both D1 and D3 schools play on.  It is our goal that we will start to see that change in the coming years with Lone Star providing the opportunity to acquire these skills.  Well done Elizabeth for paving the way!

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