Lone Star Fall Program 2017

July 10 2017 : We are excited to launch our Fall season, with regular training beginning on Sunday August 27th and running right through until October 29th. This is our 3rd year in operation and it promises to be the most exciting Fall season yet. All practices will of course be at the Turf field at West Ridge Middle School and we will be welcoming Hanneka Jongbloets our new Dutch coach who joins the coaching staff.

This year we will be sending our first ever U14 team to the National Hockey Festival in Florida for Thanksgiving, and whether you are part of that or not, the whole U14 / Middle School group will be very busy with the Central Texas Middle School League this year (6 games in total verses St Andrews, St Mary’s Hall and St Stephens) and a nice new trophy to compete for.

Our u10/12’s (and u14s) have two tournaments to look forward too, the Texas Pride Columbus Day one on October 9th and our own Lone Star Fall 7 a-side Tournament in November 4th & 5th.

For High School players the focus in Fall is usually on school games, but pairing school practice with much needed advanced skills on the “Turf” is an absolute must for any college aspiring players and makes the transition from the “green stuff that grows” a little easier when traveling for school games in Houston and Dallas. Adam and Ali will both be working on advanced skills with the High School players to supplement their school training program.

All in all we can’t wait to get started, and older/advanced High School players can also keep their skills going over the summer by joining the adult pick-up game (see adult section) any Sunday morning between now and end of August.


Fall Registration

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