Two horse race for the Central Texas Middle School League

With only 2 games left we are close to finding out who will lift the coveted Middle School trophy for Central Texas for 2019 and it’s down to a two horse race.  Here’s what we know for sure, only St Mary’s Hall or St Stephens can be the winner this year, and that means a new name on the trophy after a couple of years of Lone Star’s  selection of “Austin Schools (that’s all the LS players who don’t attend schools that play hockey) dominance.

So, for those of you hailing from SMH and SSES here is a quick analysis of where we stand.  Right now, SMH have it to lose, they have 4 wins and 12 pts from a possible 15pts, in the bag verses St Stephens who have 9 points from a possible 12pts, but, and it’s a big BUT, their goal difference at +2 is nowhere near their free scoring compatriots at St Stephens who have a whopping + 7.  When you also account for the fact that St Stephens have a game in hand you have a close run finish in prospect.  Click to view the Full League Table

The next game, and it’s a biggie sees the Spartans traveling to San Antonio in a game that feels like it’s a “must win” for the Barons.  A win, and the trophy spends the next twelve months in San Antonio, but a tie or a loss and its out of SMH hands.  If St Stephens come away with any points at all from Wednesday’s game then a win in their last game would see them finish level (with better goal difference) or ahead in the table and either way in that scenario, St Stephens would then get the trophy.

So for Coach Gerdts is simple, just win, for Coach McNutt she probably reckons a tie is fine but deep down she knows that having to beat St Andrews on the last day of the season comes with its own set of unique pressures and the St. Andrews team have been extremely competitive in every game they have played so far this year, so it’s by no means a certainty.

We look forward to seeing who wants it more on Wednesday 23rd! 



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