Lone Star FHC Covid Safety Protocols

Updated 3/24/21

What to bring to practice:

  1. Players – Stick, shin guards, mouth guard​, (​glove​ optional). There will be no sticks available to borrow at practice.  If you need to borrow a stick for the season please contact us before the first practice.
  2. Goalies  – Goal Keepers must bring their own equipment.  If you need to borrow Club GK equipment for the season, please contact us before the 1st practice.
  3. Water​ – Pre-filled containers for the duration of the practice. Minimum half gallon recommended for age groups playing during the later hours. ​We will not provide common water dispensers to fill bottles​.
  4. Pinnie​ – Players must bring their Club Pinnie. No sharing of Pinnies will be allowed.  New players will receive a Pinnie at the first practice.
  5. Face mask​ – Optional for use during field play but must be worn when off the field and when entering/exiting the facility.  Face masks may only be removed to drink water during breaks when at least 6ft away from other players.
  6. Small Hand Sanitizer 

Prior to arrival:

  • All participants must fill out a health screening form within 24 hours of practice and BEFORE arrival. ​ ​A link and QR Code to the health screening form will be emailed to all players/guardians.  Players WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IF THE FORM HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL.
  • All players should properly sanitize hands prior to arrival.


  • ​Please arrive 10 mins before the designated time.  If early, players should wait in the car until 10 mins before the start of practice.
  • Start Times of practices will be staggered to allow 1 group to clear the field before the next group arrives.
  • Parents should remain in their cars during drop-off.  Parents may escort younger players to the field but must wear a face mask / maintain social distancing.
  • FACE MASKS are required to and from the parking lot​.
  • Once players are checked in with a temperature check and confirmed health screening, they will be allowed onto the field. Players should not enter the field without attendance being registered by the designated Covid Monitor.
  • During practice, parents/guardians must remain in their cars or exit the facility.
  • Upon entering the field, players will set up their belongings at cones spaced 6 ft. apart. This is the only spot where the player can take extended breaks. Masks must be worn during breaks.

On the field:

  • Only coaches and participants are allowed on the field.
  • We will structure sessions into smaller groups with a ratio of no more than 10 participants to 1 coach. Every effort will be made to ensure players remain in the same group every week.
  • Face masks for players on the field are optional. Coaches will wear a face mask or visor on the field.
  • Players/coaches should avoid or limit contact.
    • No high fives
    • No team huddles
    • No arms around players
    • Players will return to the cone with their belongings during breaks
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available, but we encourage players to also bring their own.
  • Only Coaches will be allowed to handle equipment – Balls, Cones etc.


  • Players should be collected on time and Parents should remain in their car for pickup. Parents of younger players may pick up at the field, but Masks must be worn.
  • If any player develops a fever or falls ill after a practice with possible symptoms of COVID they are asked to notify us immediately lonestarfieldhockey@gmail.com and to remove themselves from future participation.
  • Attendance records will be maintained for 28 days for contact tracing purposes.

Additional Notes:

  • Players and parents are expected take personal responsibility in following the Covid-19 guidelines and protocols to keep our club community safe.
  • These guidelines are subject to change in line with City and State guidelines.
  • Lone Star Program Online Registration now also includes acceptance of a COVID WAIVER