What is Indoor Field Hockey?

Indoor Hockey Vs Traditional Turf/Field Hockey

Indoor field hockey is an indoor variant of “traditional” outdoor field hockey game. Indoor field hockey is mainly played as a pastime by outdoor field hockey players during the off-season when the outdoor pitches are frozen in the Northeast US and Mainland Europe.  Indoor field hockey is played in regular national and international championships.

The smaller, hard-surface pitches and the use of sideboards makes game-play much faster. It is also both technically and physically very demanding and great for skill development.

Indoor field hockey differs from outdoor field hockey in several ways:

  • The playing pitch is smaller than the outdoor pitch.
  • Side-boards mark the sidelines helping to keep the ball in play.
  • The goals are smaller than in outdoor field hockey.
  • A team consists of 5 field players and 1 goalkeeper on the pitch, with a maximum of 10-12 players on a team.
  • The players may not hit the ball, but only push it or deflect it, and may not raise the ball except in the shooting circle, with the purpose of scoring a goal.
  • Players typically play with a lighter, quicker stick specially made for indoor use.