Lone Star Austin Club Middle School Team 2019

The Lone Star Club Middle School Team is comprised of players in grades 6 – 8 who do not play for St. Stephens or St. Andrews.  These players have also all graduated from our beginner program and demonstrated enough mastery of the basic skills to be deemed ready for a full 11-a-side game.  A small number of 5th graders may be invited to play on the team if we feel they are ready.


Additional Club M.S. Team Practices on Mondays, 5.30pm – 7pm, at West Ridge Middle School

2019 Game Schedule  

(Will be posted in August 2019)

2019 Middle School Team Roster 

(Will be posted in August 2019)


Team Uniform : Black Lone Star Reversible Pinnie, Plain Black Shorts, Orange Socks.  You can purchase the Adidas Rivalry Orange Socks on Amazon (they tend to run small, so we recommend buying a larger size).