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Travel Team Players

(Organized by High School Graduation Year)

Travel Team Players : Please download the Player Profile Template and submit a completed copy to


Callie Cho, St. Stephens 2019, Swarthmore College 2023
Sydney Huang, Lake Highlands HS 2019, University of Pennsylvania 2023
Siofra Murdoch, St. Stephen’s 2019, Harvard University 2023
Isa Van Maren, ROC Tilburg 2023
Riley Nichols , St. Stephen’s 2019, Trinity College 2023
Anna Hartzell, St. Stephens 2017, Bryn Mawr 2022
Delia Stephens, St. Stephen’s 2017, MIT 2021
Elizabeth Sturley, St. Stephen’s 2016, Amherst College 2020